U-Scrap For Sale

Interested in starting your own online business?

The U-Scrap business concept, website and domain name are now for sale on Flippa including support from me for the successful bidder.

Find out more and submit your enquiries on the Flippa listing here.


U-Scrap and MJB PhotoArt Delayed

I’ve delayed launching both U-Scrap and MJB PhotoArt for a bit as I have been exploring Magento as an alternative to Drupal/Ubercart as the underlying e-commerce platform for these websites. After some initial testing, I’m very happy with it. It isn’t quite as flexible in terms of CMS functionality, but in terms of e-commerce functionality it is fabulous!

It’s taking a bit to get my head around the theme system and how different it is to Drupal, but it’s getting there. The core of the U-Scrap website is more or less ready to go now, it’s just a matter of finishing off the theme! It’s all very exciting though to see it starting to take shape at last. There are also some other exciting new things in the works here, but I’ll save them for later.

U-Scrap Website Now Online

The U-Scrap website is now online, however, at this stage it is bare-bones and doesn’t really offer any functionality. Functions and aesthetics are in the works and will gradually become available.

U-Scrap is intended to be an online scrapbooking store as well as a scrapbooking community, so if that sounds like something that would appeal to you, I’d love to hear from you! I’m hoping to start to activate the community side of the functionality soon and follow that later with the store side.

First things first though, the logo is in the works at the moment and is one of my top priorities at the moment!