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One of my clients through TerraMedia has recently launched a new website using our new user-friendly content management system. Who is it? IncludeUs!

Founded by Liz Gehring and now operating in partnership with Tim Childs, IncludeUs provides organisational training using a unique, person centred practice approach. This approach is all about being inclusive and putting people first. In other words, how can the organisation become better through it’s people? Continue reading


New Non-Claustrophobic MRI Machines in Australia

One of TerraMedia’s clients, Esaote MRI Australia, has just launched the new O-Scan MRI. This MRI machine is unique machine is designed to provide the utmost comfort to claustrophobic patients by using an open MRI style. The way this works is that only the extremity being scanned enters the O-Scan MRI machine. The non-claustrophobic nature of the O-Scan MRI makes it ideal for catering to patients who would otherwise struggle with entering a full size MRI machine. Continue reading

Our Folding@Home Team

TerraMedia is a contributor on Folding@Home and has been for quite some time. You can check our stats out here.

We’ve just recently folded over 250,000 points using just the TerraMedia computers and will soon be adding the computers to the team so they can pit it out against each other and see who comes out on top.

For those who don’t know, Folding@Home assists research in protein folding by processing calculations in the background of our computers. Check out the resulting research so far.

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New Location – Salisbury QLD

We’ve officially moved into our new premises in Salisbury, which should give us plenty of room to grow with an office, store, and meeting room to help facilitate growth of the existing businesses, TerraMedia & Skate-Parts.Com and the new ones. Some things are still being setup, but we are open for business and are gradually getting more stock available. Come check us out for your skateboarding and design needs. We’re upstairs and down the hall to the left of reception at:

Suite 3 Level 2,
655 Toohey Rd,
Salisbury QLD 4107