New Non-Claustrophobic MRI Machines in Australia

One of TerraMedia’s clients, Esaote MRI Australia, has just launched the new O-Scan MRI. This MRI machine is unique machine is designed to provide the utmost comfort to claustrophobic patients by using an open MRI style. The way this works is that only the extremity being scanned enters the O-Scan MRI machine. The non-claustrophobic nature of the O-Scan MRI makes it ideal for catering to patients who would otherwise struggle with entering a full size MRI machine.

The O-Scan is much smaller than a typical MRI machine which makes it much less daunting to patients and means it is much more affordable to build, use and transport. It can be used as a portable MRI machine to service multiple clinic locations. Being from a regional area myself, I’m thinking this could make it ideal for use in smaller townships where there may be limited imaging equipment available nearby. Being quite affordable, it would not require as many patients to be scanned in order to fund it, and being portable, it could be transported between regional towns in order to service more patients, which would definitely be helpful in rural Australia!

When building the new website for Esaote MRI Australia the aim was to make it as simple as possible for interested parties to access information about the non-claustrophobic O-Scan MRI unit and enquire. As such, all the key information and enquiry form are available right there on the one page. Additionally, using an online DICOM viewer developed by Zed Technologies, interested parties can view sample DICOM images from the O-Scan MRI.

I find the possibilities of this unique non-claustrophobic MRI machine to be quite intriguing and it really opens up medical imaging to regional towns. It’ll be great to see how it goes!

You can check out the new website and the non-claustrophobic Esaote O-Scan MRI machine by clicking here.



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