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One of my clients through TerraMedia has recently launched a new website using our new user-friendly content management system. Who is it? IncludeUs!

Founded by Liz Gehring and now operating in partnership with Tim Childs, IncludeUs provides organisational training using a unique, person centred practice approach. This approach is all about being inclusive and putting people first. In other words, how can the organisation become better through it’s people? Continue reading


New Non-Claustrophobic MRI Machines in Australia

One of TerraMedia’s clients, Esaote MRI Australia, has just launched the new O-Scan MRI. This MRI machine is unique machine is designed to provide the utmost comfort to claustrophobic patients by using an open MRI style. The way this works is that only the extremity being scanned enters the O-Scan MRI machine. The non-claustrophobic nature of the O-Scan MRI makes it ideal for catering to patients who would otherwise struggle with entering a full size MRI machine. Continue reading

Commencing Skate Product Reviews


The wheels and frame of an inline skate.

The wheels and frame of an inline skate. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I have begun writing reviews of new products at Skate-Parts.Com and Runaway Skate as a way to help customers better understand the products they are considering and make an informed decision. From the feedback I have received I believe that this is especially important for roller skates and inline skates as these are a product most people expect to be able to use for quite a time. This would be followed by wheels for skates and boards.

To kick it off, I’ve put together two reviews so far, one for each site, both on roller skates. Initial further reviews are going to be focused on roller skates, inline skates, longboards, wheels and trucks. We’ll go from there and see what happens!

The reviews use slightly different formats with different appearances.

You can check them out at:

  • Crazy Skates VXi Review on Skate-Parts.Com – HERE.
  • RD Roller Derby M4 Viper Skates Review on Runaway Skate – HERE.

I’m interested to see how it goes and what the feedback is from customers.

The Unique Creature Wrench Cruiser Skateboard

We’ve got in a rather unique board at Skate-Parts.Com at the moment. Designed by Neil Heddings of Creature Skateboards, I give you the Creature Wrench Cruiser Complete Skateboard.

Check out the photos:

These crazy green Creature skateboards come standard with Bullet 130 Trucks and OJ 60mm 78a Hot Juice wheels, so get on one and enjoy it!

Derby Skates Roll Into and Runaway Skate

Riedell Diablo Roller Skates

Riedell Diablo Roller Skates

Roller skates have started to arrive in store and are available now online at and off the shelf at Runaway Skate (though some sizes and styles may need to be ordered in).

Current brands include:

We’ve got full skates, boots, plates, wheels, bushings, toe stops, toe guards, bearings, protectives, packages and a whole lot more coming in a range of brands.

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Runaway Skate is now open

One of our newest and most exciting initiatives is now open as of today, Runaway Skate.

Runaway Skate is a retail skate shop located at Shop 4, 385 Oxley Dr, Runaway Bay, QLD 4216. It has a broad focus on every skate related including: skateboards, longboards, roller skates, inline skates, ice skates and scooters catering to the growing skate market on the Gold Coast.

At the moment, we are not going to have a full website for it, rather it’s going to run almost entirely through social media, including the Facebook page and Twitter account. FourSquare is also in the works (pending verification).

Check out the logo:

Runaway Skate

Runaway Skate

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